The whole lifecycle of a product counts

As manufacturer of insulation materials and sealing membranes, the consumption of non-renewable resources is a central issue to us. We ensure that this consumption is kept to a minimum.

In so doing we consider the whole cycle: from the preparation of the energy source, through to the production and utilization phase and then re-use or disposal. We also make every effort to keep harmful emissions as low as possible.

A few examples:

EPS recycling-system
Taking in used insulation materials or thermal insulation panels for processing to make new products (e.g. EPS seepage plates). Ten years ago it was our company Wannerit Ltd that began EPS recycling. Since then a fully-developed EPS recycling system has become established in Switzerland. Worn-out packaging and offcuts are collected from building sites and industry. In order to avoid empty journeys, swisspor lorries bring these materials back after making deliveries. Once back at the factories they are processed to make new products. The local authorities, public maintenance works and building materials trade are involved in this recycling system. Find out more about it at

Research and development
Improvement of existing products and new developments to achieve better thermal insulation performance.

Process technology
Our four businesses, Alporit, Baukork, swisspor Romandie and Wannerit have the latest pentane disposal equipment for their EPS production. At the end of 1999 it was the first company in Switzerland to comply with the legal stipulations.

Coordination in logistics
This helps us to prevent unnecessary empty journeys, reducing emissions and saving energy.