Swisspearl Group

Quality with a future, built on values



Drawing on both its expertise and its inventive spirit, Eternit (Schweiz) AG uses natural raw materials to develop innovative and sustainable Eternit® products for building envelopes, interior structures and garden designs. It delivers exceptional aesthetics, tremendous quality and unflagging responsibility toward people and their environment.

Design & Aesthetics

The culture construction material.

From Max Bill to Le Corbusier and Haefeli Moser Steiger, to Herzog & de Meuron, Rafael Viñoly and Morphosis – Eternit® has always managed to inspire the great designers, and it shares with them the passion for producing a high-end design and exploring new possibilities.

Quality & Function

More than just façades.

Swisspearl would not be Swisspearl if the company did not itself meet the highest standards of quality. But it is the excellent functionality that really makes every product the springboard for great ideas. Every product line, for roofs, façades and interiors, is a modular and highly flexible system solution that is designed to protect façades and whole buildings for decades. The preservation and enhancement of value, structurally and visually, are the guiding principles that allow Eternit® to enliven and promote architecture and "building culture".

Sustainability & Ecology

Looking forward for generations.

95% of Eternit® is made up of natural raw materials from the Swiss mountains: cement, powdered limestone, water and air. This ensures an effective protection of material resources, avoiding unnecessary transport distances. In fact less energy is consumed during the manufacture of Eternit®/Swisspearl panels, as compared to many other building materials. Eternit® can be easily removed. And with a lifetime of over 40 years, Eternit® improves both the ecological and economical outcome of every building envelope. Or to put it another way: Only Eternit® is quite like Eternit®.

Tradition & Innovation

Then and now. Today and tomorrow.

The timeless nature of the material and great quality have become the hallmark of Swisspearl, something that future generations can rely on as well. When developing its products, Swisspearl draws on its own exciting history, and examples of pioneering architecture, as well as seminal advancements in technology. This is what also makes Swisspearl the sustainable material of tomorrow.