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The commitment to Switzerland as a production base with the name of Eternit (Schweiz) AG sustainable confirmed. The quality products of Eternit® are established not only in Switzerland but also in the export markets such as USA, Scandinavia or Eastern Europe



Erected in 1903, the Niederurnen facility in the Canton of Glarus serves as the main factory and headquarters of Eternit (Schweiz) AG. The company produces its Eternit® products for façades, interior structures and landscaping from this facility. Eternit (Schweiz) AG's Niederurnen site is currently home to some 400 employees.

Eternit (Schweiz) AG
CH-8867 Niederurnen
Tel   +41 55 617 11 11
  Certified in accordance with
ISO 9001:2008



The Payerne site produces Eternit (Schweiz) AG Eternit® products for roofs, molded parts as well as custom produced design objects and garden vessels. The Payerne plant was founded in 1957 and currently has around 100 employees.
Eternit (Suisse) SA
Case postale
CH-1530 Payerne
Tel   +41 26 662 91 11
  Certified in accordance with
ISO 9001:2008


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