Eternit (Schweiz) AG

A company with a great deal of tradition and future

Mounted façade systems, roof systems, integrated solar panels — from Eternit (Schweiz) AG represents much more than a construction material. If you want to be part of the future of building, you need to see in 360 degrees. That is the Eternit® approach. On the way to the building envelope of the future, Eternit® products and services stand proudly alongside the swisspor and swisswindows sister brands.

The Eternit® products from the Swiss workshops in Niederurnen and Payerne have become an essential part of Swiss building culture, and have also quickly won over the rest of the (building) world. The guiding principle and driving spirit of Eternit® are its own high quality requirements and the will to develop and produce forward-looking, functionally and aesthetically convincing designs in an ongoing partnership with architects, designers, craftspeople and building material suppliers.

With its comprehensive portfolio of consulting and service offerings, Eternit (Schweiz) AG is focused squarely on the various needs of contractors, roofers, façade builders, architects and planners seeking jointly qualified solutions. The sharing of knowledge plays a key role in this. The first courses for roofers were held in the Niederurnen factory as far back as 1920. Today these courses are part of every training course for Swiss workers in the construction field. Eternit (Schweiz) AG also supports its customers through comprehensive expert consulting, detailed documentation, technical handbooks and a customer magazine that has developed into a renowned publication for planners and architects. Exhibits at the factories in Niederurnen and Payerne round off the offerings, delivering a real-life impression of the diverse potential of the products and systems. At the global level, the company works with almost seventy business partners.

For Eternit (Schweiz) AG and its Eternit® products, environmental protection and a responsible approach to natural resources are the fundamental bases for commercial success. As a company in the construction materials industry, Eternit (Schweiz) AG sells large volumes of materials every day. The production of cement composite products requires the use of raw materials, energy and water. To conserve as much as possible, it's crucial to monitor and refine processes and to maximize potential savings. Back in 1991, the Niederurnen and Payerne factories undertook extensive audits of their material and energy flows as part of an effort to streamline processes and workflows. Today Eternit (Schweiz) AG is ISO 9001-2008 certified and has also earned the Environmental Declarations from the "Bauen und Umwelt" (IBU) Institute for its products.


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