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Since the opening of its first works Chrzanów and its entry onto the marketplace in 1999, swisspor Polska sp. z o.o. has been specialising in the manufacture and marketing of high-quality insulation products of expanded polystyrene (EPS) and polymer bitumen and elastomer bitumen sheets for damp-proofing, heat and sound insulation and fire protection in building construction. With five production sites and four sales offices, in Chrzanów, Janów Podlaski, Mi?dzyrzecz and Pelplin, swisspor is now one of the three largest suppliers on the Polish market, and is equally successful in selling its varied range of quality products in Germany, the Czech Republic, Belorus and Slovakia. The key to the company’s success lies not only in its innovative, ISO 9001-certified products, modern production facilities and technological processes, but also in an efficient logistics system with decentralised warehouse, and around 160 dedicated and highly-qualified employees.

Thermal insulation composite façade insulation panels of EPS, swissporLambda EPS, swisspor Hydro EPS (Perimeter), Phono EPS sound insulating floor panels, EPS polystyrene panels, EPS Biterm laminated boards, thermal and sound insulation products of XPS and mineralwool, SBS modified elastomer bitumen and polymer bitumen welded sheets, polystyrene wedges and specific system components.

Chrzanów works

ul. Kroczymiech 2
PL-32-500 Chrzanów

Tel.   +48 32 625 72 00
Fax   +48 32 625 72 02
Tel.   +48 32 625 72 50
Fax   +48 32 625 72 52


Pelplin works
ul. Mickiewicza 56
PL-83-130 Pelplin

Tel.   +48 58 888 84 00
Fax   +48 58 888 84 07

Zarzadu office
ul. Mickiewicza 56
PL-83-130 Pelplin
Tel.   +48 58 888 84 50
Fax   +48 58 888 84 55


The diocesan town of Pelplin in the heart of Pomerania, 60 kilometres to the south of Gdansk, is the location of the swisspor Polska sp. z o.o. production plant, opened at the end of 2008.


Mi?dzyrzecz works
ul. Waszkiewicza 55
PL-66-300 Mi?dzyrzecz

Tel.   +48 95 741 14 06
Fax   +48 95 742 66 51


Janów Podlaski works
ul. Pi?sudskiego 40
PL-21-505 Janów Podlaski

Tel.   +48 83 341 37 72
Fax   +48 83 341 30 20


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